Friday, March 27, 2015

Absurdity defined by our labors

I am by no means anything but a single voice.  My experiences, my gathered knowledge, my wisdom, are born from study and life.  I do not presume to know anything more than any else.  However, sometimes giving voice to truths and giving those truths a platform to be heard is important.  I have failed in my life many, many times.  There is very little I've done right, and my lack of success, lack of health, lack of a variety of things that many people attribute to a life well lived, reflects not upon my victories, but upon my attempts to rise again after falling.  And I believe that is a very important aspect of life, perseverance.  Without this quality we'd never succeed in any fashion.

"The fight itself towards the summits suffices to fill a heart of man; it is necessary to imagine Sisyphus happy."  Albert Camus

So our labors, our days of work and toil do not free us from the absurdities of life.  But in various ways they give us a way to create a path through the absurd towards meaning.  By doing what we believe is our destiny, what we were born to do, with ethics and morals, we create our own path, and in an insane world create pockets of sanity.  No matter what other people do, by our doing what we do, we can create a path towards a goal.

Some might argue that you must have the end in mind while you create your path.  I disagree.  Atheists and theists alike can find truth that motivate them in their way.  Morality is not an entirely universal thing, although I believe there is a core of morality that is universal.  How we pursue our path does affect others, does make the world respond, because what we do creates order from chaos.

The German people, from the middle 1800s adopted a phrase that measured the German work ethic, one that my mother who was 100% German exemplified.  Arbeit Macht Frei.  By Labor you will become Free.  Unfortunately that phrase was co-opted by the Nazis in Germany's dark era, but the truth of it is such that I think it is worth mentioning.  My mother was truly liberated by her labors.  She found purpose in life by accomplishing things, important things, small things, rightly or wrongly. 

To find a place to lay with another, under the sun, after a day's labor is good.  To find another to live with in life and share our success and sorrows, this is good.  Labor alone is toil.  But finding what we are helps us escape the absurdity of the world around us.

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