Sunday, February 1, 2015

The End Game

The battle for eternity is beyond my imagining
A heavenly host led into battle with weapons singing
Against an equally powerful foe
Filled with bile and hatred so heated their bodies glowed
This battle is not fought by the redeemed
It was not to be fought by wicked and condemned 
It was more than any nightmare
Or dream
But here it is, far too large for me to understand
Out of my control, out of my hands
The battle is not for redemption
The opportunity for that ended with the endless confessions
From the people who do not see or seek
Eternal truths
The time to choose
Long since passed from their agency
Because of carnality,
Reeking of complacency
Just above the stars you can see them now
Two enormous armies
Archangel Michael leads the heavenly host
In righteous battle
While the fallen look to the bright morning star
For leadership
And the end of this reality
Is begun

 (Both the pic of Lucifer and of Archangel Michael were sent to me with the suggestion that they are public domain.  I haven't a clue if they are or not, but I will pull them from this should anyone inform me that they are not public domain and that there are copyrights attached.)