Friday, December 12, 2014

White Cranes don't need to be painted a different color

"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself."  Lao Tsu

A lot of people I know act differently in public than in private.  A person I knew who joined Facebook rather late, had in the preceding two weeks declared himself to me to be a Republican and a right of center oriented one at that.  When he joined the frenzy of Facebook he found that his views wouldn't fit, and very soon declared himself a lifelong Democrat, a Left leaning Libertarian oriented one. I don't care, honestly, people can call themselves fried chicken instead of human if they like.  It doesn't make them fried chicken and doesn't affect my opinion of fried chicken in the least.  But there are many people who seek to hide behind labels, for whatever reason, and I just can't do that.

To give you a convoluted idea of my voting record:

1984 Reagan
1988 Third Party
1992 Clinton
1996 Perot
2000 Third Party
2004 Bush
2008 Obama
2012 Third Party

Do the math if you like, but I don't vote straight ticket, and I consider most 3rd party choices to be saying no to the large 2 party choices I am offered.

This isn't a declaration of independence.  I am simply getting a bit tired of people guessing at my party preferences, and attempts to pigeon hole me. 

However I will say this, I am exhausted by the petty politics people play.  I think most of the people would be content with 90% of most politicians, party unconsidered, the exceptions being the exceptional and the horrible.

One last point... I know a number of people who have literally stopped speaking what they consider to be the truth.  On social media and in public, if asked they will avoid telling the questioner the answer they believe.  The fear of honesty and being hated for being honest in a dishonest world has made for many moments of tantalizing discussions that never arrive at the truth, regardless of how close they arrived.

I am not a fan of George Orwell's personal politics, but I find myself falling further and further into his views about the future.

We are truly closer to the world predicted in 1984 than ever before and Animal Farm is a whisper or two away as well.

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