Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This world is starving while I grow fat

Not a play
Nor a performance
A catastrophe awaits
With misery its companion
Both behind the curtain
While I am walking
Into the face of the finale
The epic disaster upon disasters
There is nothing but
Death beyond this place
No act coming after this one
No curtain after this my fall
My company of friends
Long since abandoned me
I am left to contemplate the mystery
Upon the stage
I am not afraid
I bear no regrets
The living blue marble
Became a brown hell
The world is dead
Gaia stopped calling out
For her home is wasting
The cities are her bones left bare
Her flesh left behind a shell

“We can pray for world peace; we can pray to end world hunger and feed the starving children; we can pray to end genocide; we can pray for things to work out or whatever we desperately want or desire. Unless we take the initiative to make it chances are our prayers will not be answered. If we don’t stop the aggressive nations, terrorists, and gangs that attack innocent people, then there won’t be peace in the world. The poor, the weak, and the innocent will go hungry for another decade or longer. If we don’t deliver food to the starving children, they will not have anything to eat and they will starve to death. This is truth and god is truth! Those who create the turbulent environment are evil; they must be dealt with before evil deals with us.”  Emil Ezegner

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