Saturday, September 13, 2014

When Guilt Crushes, and Fingers Point

There are things we do that I am convinced are worse for our existence than war, crime or ignorance.  We aren't evil, perhaps, but we make choices that are wrong, and we suffer for the choice.  Some people would like  us to believe that our culture caused us to act in a way, or our lack of will, or intellect.  But whatever happened to us, however we grew up, and wherever we live, the choice to act, for good or evil was ours.  Forgiveness of our self is very important, but so is being true to our selves.  People will always push their hubris upon you, hoping you will take it, and remove it.  But the answer to that, is to take ownership of our own hubris, and reject that of other people.

To live with hidden secrets is worse than to be accused for something you did not do.  Guilt burns inside, whereas being falsely accused allows you at least the sanctuary of self, because you know that you are not guilty.  Both situations mean you know the truth, and others do not, but in one case you suffer in silence from your deed, and in the other, you are thought to be guilty, but are not.

So did Satan feel either of these thoughts?  Did he feel wronged? Or shame for his choices?

I have kept painful secrets inside my heart, and I have been falsely accused.  The suffering inside is beyond pain.  It hollows your soul so that when joy is possible, you turn away, fearful of being enticed and turned away.  Guilt is a poisonous thing.  Relieving your soul of it involves soul searching, honesty, and possible embarrassment.

Modernity seems to be filled with choices, and they seem to offer freedom from guilt.  But that is a lie.  Humans have a conscience, and when they do not, they are considered to be sick.  Being guilty and owning the guilt and the choice allows you to enter  into forgiveness.  Rejecting guilt, accentuating your pride and feelings of worth that impinge upon others, is the path to hell.

I do not think Satan felt falsely accused nor guilt for his actions.   He definitely felt pride, and he made his choice. *

((*  I also don't quite believe in the red devil with horns and forked tail.  He is concept, a focal point of understanding our own evil.  But I do believe that there is evil that exists outside of our human existence and awareness.  So, I am not fully rejecting the existence of Satan, only our beliefs about his physical manifestations.))

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