Monday, September 29, 2014

The Warrior Raven Blackriver

Although Raven's origin came about differently than some, she is a character who has existed for nearly ten years.  Josh Howard gifted me with her when I was asked to come up with a cover for a collection of interviews I had done from my days in comic "journalism".  Josh Howard said yes to doing a heroic figure, and I was stunned, and the publisher said no.  They were afraid that they'd have to pay for it, which, since they asked me to ask him, shit yeah they should.  But, in the end I sent him some hardcover art books, that I had actually enjoyed, and I am grateful to him for his work.  I said go to hell to the publisher, since they couldn't be trusted any longer.

Three years later my website that carried all the interviews died and the interviews were variously corrupted by the hacking the site encountered.  I had lost various editions of the interviews through losing my hard drives and in the end, while I did salvage some, it was in fact a good kick in my butt to send me into creative writing instead of lingering in the similarly unpaying work of comic book journalism.  Comic book journalism was a land where snooty ultra snobbish assholes with English degrees who can't get work in the industry looked down upon my work for my lack of bile.  I could name names but they know who they are, and they know why they hate me.  It doesn't matter.  Actually, I never read their work, I am sure it was better than mine, but since they hate 90% of everything from the world of comics, I doubt I'd like the same things they liked.

That was a lot of writing to get to this point.  Anyhow, the character was a feisty, medieval female warrior, and I wanted to write stories about her, that weren't aimed her "sexy" attire.  In fact, I thought she looked a lot like a 12 year old with a big meat cleaver.  And then when I had appleworks instead of the crap I had now, I was able to trim the outline of this pic and place it next to a raven, and she then became a 3 foot high girl warrior, who fought from the back of giant ravens.   And that is the crux of the stories.

I had initially thought to tell the stories in poems, but not anymore.  I realize that too many people don't like poetry, or don't know that they like it.  Instead, they remember Shakespeare who gave them major headaches.  Or love poems that made them feel icky.  Or Beowulf who confused the hell out of them.  Each sort of work has its place, and I understand if someone hasn't been properly introduced, even a bright student won't have a good time.  But while I think poetry is worthy, I have had a lot more success writing prose recently.  I had to spend a lot of time writing a big piece of crap before I could learn that.  But, we learn a lot of good from writing bad.  I hope...

So Raven Blackriver is going to be the focus of my next series of short stories and I am hoping to have my friend Ed illustrate it.  But, if he isn't interested, it might be a book that I open up to numerous artists.  I am going to wait and see though.  I want to have the work in hand before I decide.

Oh btw, this work is copyright Josh Howard and myself since he gave it to me, for my use, and I paid for it.  So keep your grubby hands off of it.  :D

Oh, and I won't be telling the name of the publisher who I told to go to hell, and I won't name names of the people who write or wrote in the comics world who I think stink and who think I suck. 

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