Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Written by Alex Ness, Design work by Evette Langford and JM Hunter.

After talking to a good friend about my enjoyment of the Cthulhu Mythos, and that friend encouraging me to spread my wings, writing-wise... I decided that I'd take up their challenge to write about the Mythos and do my own take.  I didn't actually do my own take, in as much as, I truly broke no new ground, but I did write about expeditions to dark islands in the dead waters of the South Pacific and Antarctic.   The friend basically said, even Lovecraft encouraged others to write about or within his Cthulhu Mythos, and that is true.

Robert E. Howard was just one of many who turned out work aimed at the subject.  However I include an image REHoward's work because in my opinion he understood the shared world concept best.  He is also probably my favorite author, so that might have something to do with it.

Why poetry then?  After all both REH and HPL wrote prose, right?  Well sure they did, but they both wrote poetry, and wrote poetry I like to read.  They took epic subjects and wrote great poetry that moved me .  So I included poetic chapters in my book.  However, they are by no means the sole chapters, they are written more in the form of journal entries or free verse, and, most are not so rhyme oriented that they seem poetic.  I have another reason for the work including poetry, and that is from the ancient writers to the era of Lovecraft and Howard, writers were often poets.  And if someone was literate, and wrote, it was almost certain that they'd present their ideas in poetic form.   Whether prose, verse or journal entry, I tried to give a feeling of setting and fear, more than a linear path to a final objective.  I recognize this might not be a particular reader's cup of tea, but nothing I write escapes that label.  

That RE Howard and HP Lovecraft wrote poetry, as did their peers is not a great big discovery.  But it offers an insight into why I love poetry.  Whereas most people consider poetry a burst of emotions with sappy feelings and hurt and love, poetry can be about any subject, in any format, in any era.  For me it expresses my soul, but allows me to have a means to the end, that is, of expression.

Beyond my own affections and beyond the reader's taste, my goal was to create something that would be found in the original source, in this case the work of and era of HP Lovecraft.  Not everyone is able to enjoy Lovecraft, for reasons of genre or style.  I personally find his detached sideways view of an event through hysterical fear to be a very powerful form of Horror.  I might or might not reflect it, I have no idea what the reader's response will be, but I do know, it won't fail through lack of effort.

Fear is not something that people have too little of, I realize that the world offers enormous lessons where fear is involved, whether terrorists, or war, or global catastrophic climate change or pollution or any number of things.  But in my case I can honestly say that I enjoy certain kinds of horror, and very much like the authors who are my favorites.  I confess that the authors I like in the genre of Horror are few, but they work very well for me where other authors do not come close.

In the last two years I've nearly died, and saw friends die.  I lost my mother in 2012, and spent the last two years fighting illness, pain, and sorrow.  I hope you might join me in my quest to tell my story.  But that much is up to you.

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