Thursday, July 31, 2014

I wear your name across my heart

I wear your name across my heart, without a bit of guile.  I know you don't love me, and I never thought you would.  But I can't control my own soul, my own fire inside.  I long to be the one you love, but now, the end has begun.  And I can never let the memory of you, fade away.  Fade away.

I've been forgiven, forgotten, regretted, and thought rotten.  But I endure.  For I know the end, and there is nothing there, worth not loving.

I have no voice, but I have a choice.  I can stop loving you, and pass from this existence, or I can love you, regardless of your persistence of forgetting me.  

God...  you know I have no pride.  I have no shame.  I surrender by the inch inside.
But I love you.
Now, forever more.

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