Sunday, July 13, 2014

I choose to survive

Some people believe that what they do for work does not define them.  Others want to make you feel less than them for the station they have reached in life. And then there is me, who makes so little money that it wouldn't help a hungry man buy food.  I cannot make other people understand who and what I am.  So I am going to choose to survive, to move forward, to continue, and to write regardless of anyone understanding it, liking it, buying it, or thinking about it.   This might seem foolhardy.  It might seem that I am whining by speaking about this, but what I am hoping to do is to make a mission statement, and a life statement.

I am a writer.  I write poems every day of my life.  I never get writer's block.  And if I am forged in the creative fire to write, even if you consider me to be a bad writer, I must write.  Society sanctions our labor by paying for it.  So I write without sanction of popularity or wealth.  The truth is, I am not a popular writer, nor a popular person.  But what that means is that I must write in spite of all that, rather than change for the world's sake. I might be unimportant, and perhaps untalented in other people's eyes.  But I believe that we are given purpose, and I embrace that.  So no matter how empty and unsatisfying and poor my life might seem to others, I embrace my purpose, I embrace the cost, and I choose to survive.

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