Friday, January 3, 2014

When I say Farewell

I am cold, frozen, alone.  So I offered up my soul, so absent of caution.  I created this sacrifice of my being.  Who am I, Why am I, Where is my compassion?   I give in, the indiscreet realization that all I am, is flesh, clay with the dimmest spark, of life.

I have prayed, and have made offerings of my life.  But there is nothing I can do, to keep my soul from failing, you.   This constant struggle, this constant strife, has made me ill, beyond repair of word or deed.

And I stand before you nude.  Open to your insults, wounding, and shames.   I still stand before you. Take my heart, take my flesh, there is nothing left.   I am alone and cold, with my heart strings chewed straight through.  

This life was meant for another, I should have been left behind by my mother.   Another breath is too much, amen.

Who am I?   No one.
Why am I?  No reason to be.
Where is my compassion? I have burnt it to stay warm.
Am now, somehow, to be redeemed.


  1. Deeply affecting Alex. You KNOW you are loved. In many different ways. And most of all by the one who willed you here. Someday we will all know all the answers and be wiped clean of ALL pain and suffering. Love you guy. <3

  2. I am just struggling with purpose when I look at how much I do and how little is rewarded. But thanks for reading me dear.