Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Bloody River

It is now in Belarus, but in the past it was considered to be in Russia.   The White Russia, as it was called was dangerous for it stood between invading European mainland armies, and Mother Russia.  The cold river, Berezina, was the source of many sorrows.   The river divided few people, it was no great barrier, but in wars tragedies occurred there.

Crows and ravens still circle the entry points, where La Grande Armée of Napoleon was all but slaughtered, left to die.    The Waffen SS shot and pushed the dead partisans, enemy soldiers and Jews into the river 130 years later.

The flow of water, and blood confluence there, still.

Who that enters the water in winter will freeze.  Yet La Grande Armée escaped due to the diligence of the engineers, almost all giving their lives to save others.

But there is more than cold, humans and events have made it a cursed place.

We never place ourselves in a fantasy world of failing.   We see the past as over, and rightfully so.   But the Berezina, so bloodied and cold, remains flowing, and the curse never ends.


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