Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Cherry Blossom

By autumn it has already come.  During the months of May and June they blossomed, before summer even.  The day comes when the blossoms fall from the trees, to the earth below.   Winds blow, shattering the delicate petals, and they leave a trail behind of beautiful death.   Dying but littering the sky with the threads and remnants of their former life.

Some watch the petals fall.   They are saddened but still find glory in the passing beauty.  Others cannot find the beauty in the death.   Life is a cycle, and the petals fall when dying.   In spring they will renew.  Yes?  So why feel anything different?  Why is this any better than the life lived?  Why is there beauty here?

Beauty is not the sole domain of anyone or anything.   Death is as beautiful as life and deserves to be remembered, every single bit as much as life.   For a life lived but a death forgotten, is unworthy.

Death is not the reason for why we live, but every single thing with breath, will die.   So why should we not celebrate the passing with all the vigor?   Anybody prepared to live fully, must be prepared to die in an equally full fashion.   Or there exists the likelihood of a death that is ignored, and that is worse than any form of death or its burning passions.

Mourn not the flesh, it was never more than a moment, it was never meant to be, permanent.  Celebrate the soul, for it lives in eternity.   And then worry no longer, let the heavens determine if it is in torment or ecstasy where we fade.

“Under the sword lifted high, There is hell making you tremble. But go ahead, And you have the land of bliss.”   Miyamoto Musashi

I am ready.


  1. What a magical metaphor, the cherry blossom. Alex, I agree with your premise and am very stirred by your inspired and, dare I say, courageous words and ideas. It's obvious you've done a great deal of introspection since you've been ill. I am privileged as always to read your fine work.

    1. Thank you for reading my work.

      Cancer has been a privilege to fight, as it brought an awareness to life that I had not had before.