Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Some more of my favorite comics

Again, presented without commentary, and noting that they are not placed in any position to suggest preference.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

How soon before

Humans eat meat.  We eat, poop, sleep, and spend our days working, having sex, or pursuing hobbies.  We think.  But, what is the line between animals and humans, because if it is intelligence, there are ways to make humans birth without brains, and we can clone.  At what point will we arrive at a point where we breed people for parts and food?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bombs Away

Human acquisition and use of atomic weaponry has meant that the world since the end of World War 2 has been one with annihilation at a flip of a switch.  From the beginning of the era, the nuclear warfare risk has risen and fallen as has the tensions of the world.  But while the major powers had some frightening moments, the current fear is one where a rogue state or terrorist group acquires nuclear weapons and destroys a city.  The world would respond as it had in 9/11's terror strikes, I am sure.   But beyond that initial attack the world would respond differently militarily. 

Assembled here are some images of events and scenes and equipment of the nuclear warfare scenario.  Also, there are the books featuring a crisis causing or the actual event of the Third World War.  There are presented also board games with the trigger events, but beyond that the full on wars in depth.  The best though, are the movies listed. The human drama of nuclear tragedy is highly conducive to film, television and even youtube.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


I generally don't find horror movies, books, comics, or games scary.  I find enough of about true life crimes, tragedies, massacres, wars, and the like to balance my fear of the fictional offerings.  But I still enjoy reading what others offer as their entree into the world of horror.  I am most often challenged and perhaps spooked by a setting or situation that is new, and is in itself dangerous.  I wouldn't want to be in space on a refinery ship in a cold long sleep, so fighting aliens in that isolation and aloneness would be beyond scary in a real situation.  I don't believe in any form of ghost or undead, but Frankenstein?  I could see a reanimated corpse, or somehow the attempt, and it going awry.  As a person who believes in god other people suppose that I am willing to believe in just about anything, and while I am sure anything might happen, or could, I don't give things much thought unless they sound possible.  Werewolves would be possible if you go the extra mile and suggest a virus causes a reversion to human primal instincts or such.  Zombies or vampires though?  No way.  Ghosts?  Even less so. 


Perhaps horror is having only one chance to escape the planet's destruction, only to find that the rocketeer has hung himself in despair.

Perhaps aliens with genius intellect will overwhelm our defenses, leaving earth to become abandoned and decayed.

Or maybe we'll create robots so smart that they will enslave humans.  And humans will be bred for food, or genetically bred and husbanded to achieve perfect organs for donation.  We can never know.

Or maybe some Alien species that was once worshiped will be pissed off that it is no longer worshiped and will return, and create a new dark age, for the rest of human existence.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Comic Writers from the UK and Ireland who you should be reading

I was told by a reader of one of my blogs that I have elitist taste in comics.  Yes, I like the work of Grant Morrison, Jamie Delano, and more UK/Ireland writers, but a lot of American, French, Japanese and other writers and artists as well.

Liking intelligent writers creating great work isn't elitism.  Doesn't anyone prefer good creative arts?  Who wants to read drekk?  I don't think I read only elitist work.  I think good work doesn't = elitist.  However, I do think there has been an enormous amount of great writers from the UK and Ireland who I've read and enjoyed.

For the most part I think they can be found here, but I am sure I've missed one or two.  I like a lot of UK/Ireland artists as well.  But again, I like many creative talents regardless of their country of origin.  But it got me thinking, holy crap there are a lot of writers from the UK and Ireland who I like a great deal.

Grant Morrison

Jamie Delano

Alan Moore
Mike Carey

David Hine


Garth Ennis
Paul Jenkins

Neil Gaiman

Mark Millar



Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hymn of praise

El Shaddei
Great defender
All sufficient
Eternal creator
Great God on high
My eyes cannot perceive
The glory you should receive
But I am able to believe
Without seeing a thing
You are merciful
Great is your name
El Shaddei
Lord of this universe
Almighty and great
You are worthy
Of praise
And sacrifice
I am unashamed
El Shaddei
I am yours
Unworthy of you
But you called me
To be
Your child
And I am
Filled with your flame
Burning so bright
I burn for you
To know your truth
In my heart and mind
My spirit and flesh
You are my creator
My God
And my king
You are life
And I am blessed
Because you are
El Shaddei